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Recently found Robert and SATB through Twitter and following up on Peter Jackson appearances pre the Get Back release. I have been binging on SATB since December 2021 and taking it all in. Robert’s level of commitment and research is outstanding. I learn something new every episode and overall the podcast makes me appreciate the Beatles even more and I have been a fan since the February 1964 Ed Sullivan appearance. Thank you Robert.
I’ve listened to this podcast for years. One of my favorite things. Robert is great: he is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and unbiased. He has great guests. I highly recommend this great podcast. Thank you RR for all your work
I just want to say I love listening to this podcast. Thank you, Robert, for all your research and passion. I'd be lost without it.
I stumbled upon this show following release of the Get Back. I wanted to hear what people were saying and this podcast was the jackpot! Three insightful episodes with wonderful content. I liked it so much I started scrolling backwards and found the pre-release episodes but didn’t realize PJ was the guest! Just awesome. I will listen to all six multiple times!
I just finished listening to your INCREDIBLE podcast, and I am deeply grateful. It will be going out on all my social media platforms. You may quote me on this: “I have done 1,300 media interviews. But I have never before experienced any host who created such an amazing production from a simple author interview. Robert Rodriguez is the most insightful, inspiring, caring, exacting, creative, heartfelt host who has ever interviewed me. "Something About The Beatles” is produced to an incredibly highly professional standard, with plenty of added content that profoundly enriches the experience for the listener.” — Susan Shumsky, author: The Inner Light: How India Influenced The Beatles
Speechless. And in tears. Well done Robert. In relationships between artists over time, there is much about a Beatles history that is archetypical, at least that is my hypothesis. I don’t think the vast majority of the general public would understand how we might come to a more honest reckoning about relationships among band members as between themselves and between their lovers. But I believe that there are many people in your core audience who have lived these experiences and may not even fully realize it. Truth is revealed over time, but time is not linear so truth is always there for those who are open to it. One’s life story and one’s art is often not at all what a particular artists may declare it to be to the public at any given time. Does an artist even have any duty to accurately report his or her own experience in real time? I believe we don’t. And works or art are often in the style of verité, as Luther discussed in the Double Fantasy Episode. I fell to the ground when May told you how she felt when she heard a song written about her. It’s so personal that the subject is often for a long time in denial when hearing the words and music. It can take many years for our thoughts to catch up with what our heart and soul knows and for those who have this experience, especially with Artists who are no longer living, it is profound and poignant. Thank you for this episode ♥️
My favourite type of episode, one person telling their story, great podcast, I must say it startled me when he said he didn't like the way the interview was going, I thought it was going ok, but after a repeated listen, he does seem to change when you were pushing him slightly about Yoko, credit to you for keeping it in, I must say you handled it well, I don't know if there was an edit after cause the subject changes abruptly as it would do in the circumstances, well done Robert, a great listen.
Such a great episode and Robert your John’s memory was so heartfelt and beautiful. I heard the news on the radio here in Los Angeles and they reported that it was possible that a punk rocker killed John. To this day news speculation makes me so angry because Imagine being a huge fan of his and than getting shit the next day at school for being a punker. But love you and your podcast.
Robert is such a generous host and interviewer. About halfway through, Mr. King began retelling some of the stories he had already shared. To be fair, his repeated thoughts were on topic, and he was aware that he may have shared those stories earlier. Robert respectfully acknowledged the importance of the information, and gently redirected the conversation to new topics for discussion. It was a value-added feature for fans such as me, who require repeated listenings to absorb all the information from each episode (whatever the number is).
Thanks for another great episode. John Leckie has some great stories and impressions of behind the scenes, including his memories of recording the Apple Jams (essentially leaving the tape running and going to the pub!). One of the more astonishing assertions was that he found Paul McCartney more frightening/intimidating than Phil Spector! And I’m even a longtime fan of Flanders and Swann.
Great episode! Loved how we got to hear The Art of Dying, how it went from a song with just George & his guitar & eventually became the big Phil Spector produced recording we hear on the album.
This episode was amazing. I was impressed how you asked Tony about things that were uncomfortable. And I have to say, when Tony said he wasn’t happy with the way the interview was going, I was expecting it. His tone had changed as you pressed him for answers. But what really impressed me is that you left the exchange between the two of you in the podcast. That was very cool to include.